The impact of new technology on crafts

The impact of new technology on crafts

A majority of craftspeople deny the progress of technology and work with traditional tools. The belief that technology can’t improve crafting is written deep in the psyche of many crafters, and they refuse new tools and rely on century-old tools.

New technologies can help with crafting, and an increasing number of craftspeople recognize this. Jewelry is a craft that has a broad array of traditional instruments, and every jeweler knows how to work with them. The access to computer and 3D software allows creativity to flourish and the laser tools are making the job easier.  Lasers and CAD aka computer-aided design are changing the world of crafts and no matter how much some people resist, they will either accept those changes or perish.

The introduction of technology in old-styled crafts

New technological breakthroughs create new tools that replace century-old tools. Some old craftspeople see this as a bad thing, but the fact is that some forgotten crafts are being revived through technology.

Handmade fiber clothes are already a thing and new software and hardware for mental cutting also exists. Sephi Itzhaki is a person who entered an unknown metal gate crafting business without any prior knowledge of that craft, and he says that it’s possible to create intricate and complex metal gate designs through right software and a bit of hardware.

scooolfestivalIn the age of technology, everything starts with 2D design. Then you transform it to 3D and work the details. Once you have finished you, simply send that design to the machine that will cut and carve everything. The equipment is very precise, and it won’t make mistakes a human would make.

This type of thinking is slowly changing the face of ceramics craft. The modern ceramic studio looks like a printmaking studio due to the way new ceramics are done. New ceramic crafters use 3D design software to create their art, and then they print it on the tiles. The technology isn’t perfect as it’s hard to do anything with round objects, but who knows, in a year or two it might change.

Art and Technology – A combination that works

The line between high-tech products and those that are handmade is fragile, and it is thinning even more with every new technology breakthrough. Some people are asking questions about the line between those two things and whether the technology destroys the need for creativity.

p106062911The need for technology in crafts is evident and technology can help in creation, but technology shouldn’t define what can be created and what can’t. Many experts agree that tech destroys the crafts if the craftspeople decide to work within the limitations of it.

Technology is there to supplement the arts not to create limitations in it. As long as people continue crafting and use tech to make their job easier, the crafts will survive. But if they stop working with more traditional tools and they fall prey to limits that tech has, the crafts will start to lose their charm. Creativity must be the driving force of crafts, and tech should supplement and not define it.


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